Book Signing for OM's new publication
25 September 2019
We were pleased to hear about the successful book signing of an OM which took place in Selby just last week.

Hooves, muscles and sweat: the story of a pioneering Yorkshire equine physiotherapist was published by Katie Bloom (Skowronek 1972-1977) earlier this year and tells the story of Katie’s remarkable journey, from her time at QM to her equine training and career in rural East Yorkshire.

At her book signing, which was attended and supported by a number of Old Margaretians, Katie remarked:

“I happened by chance to be in a pioneering field: equine physiotherapy is a profession still only really 30 years old today, and meeting a little of the old resistance my professional forbears endured when human physiotherapy manifested itself during the great war. The medical and veterinary professions understandably guard their turf jealously, but the more open-minded realise we are but another string to their bow, not a competitor.

I embarked on the book because my husband nagged me into it. When I got started, it morphed into a rather broader story: school, an immigrant father, the grinding process of qualification and the ups & downs of professional life that most of us endure en route through life. I suppose I was vaguely inspired by James Herriot, so I hope his skill of making a broad readership enjoy a book that is not just for the horsey girl has rubbed off.

When I read The Margaretian or visit the school today, it is impossible to escape a feeling of regret that my generation did not have the opportunities at QM on offer today, nor the ‘can do' approach of the faculty.

Notwithstanding the modern exam pressures, girls today will be experiencing some of the happiest days of their lives."